The Balanced Man represents the ideal SigEp

In striving to attain this ideal, we promote the development of a healthy, sound body, because the body is the vessel of the mind; and the understanding that the development of the mind reaches its full potential only if the pursuit of knowledge becomes a lifelong quest.

"The Journey to a Balanced Life" is perhaps the best way to describe the Balanced Man Project. It is a program based on the concept of life as a continuous journey. This journey will be marked by many challenges. Sigma Phi Epsilon is striving to better prepare its members to face and surmount these challenges by providing one of the most innovative programs in the collegiate world.

Supported and encouraged by the fun and excitement of fraternal life, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon will move through the Journey of Brotherhood. The completion of each stage in the Journey is self-determined. Members set their own goals and create their own plans for the achievement of those goals. There is an emphasis on involvement both in the community and in the chapter through service to others and active participation. With the experience and exposure provided by working in these settings, members empower themselves to become effective leaders.
The Journey of Brotherhood is
comprised of five stages:

  1. The Sigma Challenge
  2. The Phi Challenge
  3. The Epsilon Challenge
  4. The Brother Mentor Challenge
  5. The Sigma Phi Epsilon Fellow
    (the highest undergraduate honor)
The goal of the Sigma Challenge is to adjust and assimilate into the Chapter and campus community. In the Phi Challenge, members begin to understand the benefits of fraternalism. The goal of the Epsilon Challenge is to explore the issues a leader faces. Members develop and utilize the skills of a servant leader in the Brother Mentor Challenge. The Sigma Phi Epsilon Fellow is recognized because of his unselfish service and dedication to society.