About the SigEp Florida Beta Chapter

Sigma Phi Epsilon prides itself on being different because that difference has helped us come to lead the fraternity world. SigEps refuse to be stereotyped as "frat boys," nor its chapters as "animal houses." Sigma Phi Epsilon is dedicated to the idea that a fraternity is much more than a social organization -- it is an institution of higher learning; one that centers around the ideals of allowing one to live his best life.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is not a pledging chapter. We have a Balanced Man ideal where we believe that,  upon admittance, a new member has the same responsibility and impact upon the fraternity as a full brother. Therefore, a new member has full voting rights and is eligible, and encouraged, to run for leadership positions within the fraternity. New members can run for the positions of VP Finance, VP Recruitment, and VP Communications or hold one of the numerous chair positions each exec member has. No other fraternity on Stetson's campus allows new members to hold exec positions this early in their college career. This opportunity helps bring out the leadership potential within our new members quicker. It also gets them involved with SigEp, Stetson, and other organizations fastest in the Greek community.

Sigma Phi Epsilon empowers each member to take control of their lives in order to become a balanced man. To assist in this SigEp is the only fraternity on campus with a 24 hour study room in the house. This RLC (Residential Learning Community) promotes academic excellence. In addition to being the only Fraternity house with a study room, Sigma Phi Epsilon is the only house on campus that has a weight room in the house. This is to promote a sound body because without a sound body you cannot have a sound mind.